Why We Search

No matter what your reasons are, there is a practical side to genealogy

Below are some of the main practical reasons why people take up genealogy:

  • Validate Family Stories – To determine if family stories about their ancestors are true.
  • Famous People – To find out if they are related to someone famous.
  • Historical Event – To gain a better understanding of an ancestor’s involvement in a famous historical event.
  • Trace Medical Conditions –To assess the risk of getting certain medical conditions that run in families.
  • Trace a Family Inheritance –To determine genealogical proof of a family connection for potential heirs.
  • Find Birth Parents – To determine the birth parents of an adopted child. Alternatively, to find children given up for adoption.
  • Proof of Paternity – To determine the biological father of a child.
  • Religious Tenet –To satisfy the tenets of the religion. The most notable example is the Mormon Church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints).
  • Community History – To document a community history by understanding the families that founded and influenced the community.
  • Historic Studies – To provide insight into history through the scholarly study of a famous family, such as a royal family.
  • Heritage Societies –To provide proof of lineage to quality for a heritage society.
  • Preserving Family Traditions – To preserve knowledge of ancestors who contributed to family traditions, such as a family recipe book.
  • Preserve Family Culture – To allow families that have migrated to another country the opportunity to preserve some of the culture of their old country.
  • Reconnect with Family – To find and reconnect with living relatives.

And, finally:

  • Family Legacy – To fulfill a desire to pass on a legacy to future generations.

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