Great Ancestors

Aunt Odessa and Uncle Theo

This is my great aunt and uncle on my paternal grandmothers side. I remember the trips we would take to Plant City, which was only about 1 1/2 hours from where we lived in Bradenton, Florida. I was always anxious to see the oak lines streets with moss and the azaleas in bloom. I thought they were they prettiest things I had ever seen. They lived on Saunders St, an area that I visited on my genealogy quest in March 2007. It did not look the same. The house was in disrepair, the mural which Odessa designed on the garage had been painted over, and the porch swing I sat on with Uncle Theo was gone. I remember one time while sitting on the porch with my uncle, he always seemed so smart to me, and the only thing I remember him telling me was, ” it’s important to be a good person”. I do remember that. My uncle Theo McCall had a great history with Plant City Florida. He served as City Manager of Plant City for nearly 27 years. He began as a firefighter, became a motorcycle policeman, superintendent of the streets department, Chief of Police then to City Manager. There is a park dedicated in his name in downtown Plant City. My Aunt Odessa was so talented. There was always something new she had crafted in their home. She always could make you laugh with her great sense of humor.

Below is the bust of Theo J MCall that is in the city hall in Plant City. Also, the McCall marker at Oaklawn cemetery.

McCall Marker, Oaklawn Cemetety, Plant City Florida

Theo J McCall

Theo J McCall

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