Going Backwards

In order to trace your family tree, you have to go backwards. Start at yourself, then to your parents, and if you are fortunate enough to have grandparents, start with them. The grandparents will be aware more times that not, about their grandparents. These would be your great great  grandparents. This is easy enough by asking questions such as names. What was your mother’s maiden name. Where did your parents or grandparents meet? Which state were they born? Simple questions, yes, but, very important in establishing a starting point.

My first question was a simple one, I asked my grandmother what her mothers name was. She told me ” Maude Jeffers” . I never forgot it. At the time I was about 13 or 14 years of age. When I wanted to know about my family, I remembered back to that question. I had my starting point!!

My grandmother had given me my beginning. I had a name, a state where they lived in early childhood, a story about the death of her mother, and lots of questions about what happened to her mother at such a young age. I knew some information about my great grandfather Clifford R McCall. I knew he was a blacksmith while living in Plant City Florida. I knew he remarried, because Nana had a half sister. This would be Edith McCall Fountain. I knew little more than that. I started researching census records in Georgia. I had a book I bought in Plant City, that was written in part by Quintilla Geer Bruton, sister in law to Theo J McCall. It told a story of Clifford McCall and his workshop, the Sanders farm where they boarded and from Aunt Edith a story of Henry Ford paying my great grandfather a visit.

Clifford McCall met Maude Virginia Jeffers in Georgia, in a small town Ocilla. The  McCalls had come from Webster county somewhere in between 1900 and 1910. The Jeffers family had moved from Wilcox county which was neighboring Irwin. Maude’s father was Joseph U . Jeffers and mother was Lilla Boone. The only real story I have is from my grandmother, telling me her mother died very young of a brain tumor. The funeral card says it was pneumonia. I also know that Maude remarried Lee Woodall, that part is a mystery. They lived in South Carolina where she died in 1928. I have yet to find her headstone in the cemetery there.

Maude Virginia Jeffers

Clifford Riley McCall

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