McCall Family

This is a picture of the MCall family that moved to Florida, from Irwin county Georgia.

McCall Family

This is Theo J McCall ( city manager of Plant City), Mamie Christine McCall ( my grandmother ) aka Nana, Clifford R McCall ( blacksmith ) and John R McCall, my great great grandfather.

Theo J McCall

Mamie C McCall

Clifford R McCall

John R McCall

Oaklawn cemetery in Plant City Florida.


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  1. I’m from Plant City, Maggie McCall was my great grandmother. She married an Anderson and they had four children that I know of: Ruby, Betty, Bill, and Lois, who was my grandmother. She lived on Ball Street when I was a child, right across the street from her daughter Lois. I will never forget that pink house…….
    I’ve been trying to find out about the McCalls and Andersons, and my father cannot remember anything much about them. To see that they may have been in Irwin County flips me out because I live in neighboring Ben Hill County now, and have seen McCall headestones in Evergreen Cemetery.

    • Who is your father? My grandmother was Mamie daughter of Clifford R Mc Call and sister of T J McCall city mgr of plant city
      John r McCall was her grandmother married Msmie Thomas in Ga his father Hoseph married Mary ann Drenan in Columbus Ga 1850

      • My father is Ray Alvin Ward. His father is Wade Hampton Ward. His mother is Lois Emma Anderson and her mother was Maggie McCall…..probably short for Margaret? We moved from Plant City when i was very young, and we all lost track of each other I guess, and no family history was passed down. The Wards seemed to be a little closemouthed when it came to discussing family. Mama’s people (McNeal, Harrod, Highsmith) were the same way.
        It dawned on me one day that I knew nothing about my father’s family. By the time I had this epiphany Daddy’s memory was fading, and my mother was struggling with cancer.
        I’ll call Daddy in a little while and see if those names ring a bell. I really enjoyed running across your blog—very nice,by the way!—-and if I find that my McCall line was right in my backyard all this time, you should be able to hear the scream………..

      • I have my tree on Ancestry ” PickensFamilyTree”

  2. So far, I’ve had to do this Family Tree on the cheap, and with the medical bills and Christmas shopping here as well, Ancestry will have to wait just a bit longer! Phooey!
    Anyhoo, I finally got Daddy on the phone and it appears that I have barked up the wrong family tree! A Genealogy Curve Ball. Daddy remembers your T J McCall because he was city manager, but no relationship family-wise. And he told me my McCalls should be found around Inverness, Cross City, Chiefland, and High Springs.

    I thank you so much for your time and a look back at my home town!! Blessings!!!


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