Myrtle Hill Cemetery

This is the map of Myrtle Hill Cemetery, Tampa Florida. It is said to be haunted. After some research at the Plant City Historical Society, I went to the cemetery in hopes of finding the headstone of my Great grandmother, Alice Lindell Davison. I entered the cemetery from the west, and chose to go to the older side of the cemetery, which was only a guess. I really had no idea where I was going. Only two other vehicles were in the park that day. After driving around some, I finally got out and walked around some. There is a mausoleum there to the north, that is a retro design from the fifties. It is a beautiful cemetery, decorated with  large oaks of cascading spanish moss. Absolutely gorgeous! I remember seeing a large marker with the name Savage. It must have been four feet high. Somehow, it seemed familiar. I looked around some, but, had no luck in finding the headstone.  I got a strange feeling, as if I had been there before. After my visit, I called my parents to see if I had ever been there. We moved from Tampa when I was three. I thought perhaps, I had gone there with my grandmother, maybe. They both told me I had never been there before.

Some weeks after I had gotten home, I posted a request on FindaGrave, to see if a volunteer could find the grave. I was overjoyed when someone answered my request. This gentleman was kind enough to go to Myrtle Hill and take a photo. He took a photo and posted it on FindaGrave, and told me of the location of the burial. I was so close when I was there. I can’t wait to go back and see for myself.


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  2. It’s amazing how difficult if can sometimes be to find specific stones. One time I parked and walked up and down every row in a cemetery looking for some ancestors’ gravestones. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find them. I finally talked to a man who was mowing the grass and he told me that the cemetery records were the town hall. I drove down there and discovered that the plot that I’d been looking for was right next to where I’d parked the car. I drove back up to the cemetery and found the stones immediately.


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