Genealogy Trip

This week, I look forward to going to Georgia to do some research. I have been longing to do this forever. I wish I had an entire week. I not only am going to court houses, but, hope to see some interesting things along the way. Perhaps some old buildings, houses, court houses and maybe covered bridges. There are a lot of historical court house in Georgia. The Talbot County court house and the Marion County court house in Buena Vista. Both of thee are along my route.

Marion County court house, Buena Vista, Georgia

My goal is to find a marriage certificate, death record or birth of the McCalls who lived in Muscogee, Marion, Talbot and Webster counties. Wish me luck!


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  1. Ancestral Paths of the Guthrie, McCoy, Misson & Showalter Families

    Oh am I jealous! I have wanted to do the same thing for years, just could never find the time nor money to go. I hope you have a great time and it provides the documents that you are looking for. Have a great time! Thanks for signing up to my blog.


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