Photo Finish

I wish I could say I was able to get all my photos organized during vacation……I wish I could!

I had a few goals in mind this time. My genealogy trail took me to Georgia, and I was inspired to get some more photos scanned and captioned. I finally figured out how my MAC does this. Every time I scanned, it’s a new event….but, it’s not!!!! So there are smart albums, really? Not smart scanners, or smart genealogists? If you are like me, you have inherited numerous photos, some of which you have no idea who they are. I have scads. Shoeboxes full, along with paperwork, such as death certificates, census records, obituaries etc. etc…….My worst fear is a fire!! So, goal for this year…get them all scanned! Hope MAC has the space, or they are going to CD or the cloud!!

Joseph McCall and Mary Drenan marriage liscense


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