Setting Research Goals

Doing meaningful genealogy requires forethought and planning. Without a plan, the purposes you have set out to accomplish may not be achieved. What is it you specifically hope to find? In genealogy research, the majority of goals focus upon:

  • Finding the parent’s names
  • Finding an individual’s birth date or place
  • Finding a marriage date or place
  • Finding a death date or place
  • Finding a spouse’s name, or maiden name
  • Finding the names of siblings
  • Finding background information on the family
  • locating census records

Steps to Success

  • organize what you have- label photographs, scan photos to your computer, write down locations
  • interview older relatives- find someone on each side to ask questions about places they lived, stories they have heard
  • visit a family history center such as LDS, check online for your local center
  • write out your personal stories
  • and last, take a trip. try to go to the location you are in the most ned of information, talk to people at the library, court house etc. There are always willing researchers




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