Little Pink Houses

Nana and Papa

It was the prettiest house in the neighborhood in my mind. .This house of course, is not as it was when I was a child. Things change, some for the better, sometimes, they just remain the same in your mind. I have many good memories of this house. The large, beautiful yard that encircled the house. The rope and wood plank swing Papa had made that was attached to a paper bark tree. The carport that had their blue Falcon.

Chris and Patty picnic

Nana and Papa’s yard

I remember the lovely pink azaleas, they were still there on my visit in 2008. My sister and I would have picnics quite often on the lawn, with the melamine plates and metal glassware. What fun!!! We had many great Easters hiding eggs….funny stories about rotten ones found later!! When I visited in 2008, I drove around the neighborhood. A lot looked the same, everything was smaller. The kids we played with across the street, Hutchinson, well, mom was ill and elderly. But, she was there still. Some things never do change, and some will keep moving along.

Easter 1967 l to r Daddy, Mother, me, Chris Brian, Nana, Lynn, Papa, Ann , Carol and Mike

We lost Aunt Ann in late 2008 and Mike in 1997.


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