Where is My Next Adventure?

Looking for some help on where I should go next. Like I have said before, you go on one trip, you want another. I have a few fairly local choices…..

Lauderdale county, to look into the Davidson family. They came to Alabama from Tennessee, then migrated to , of course, Texas. Didn’t everyone. Davison married into Pickens in Texas.

Then , I have Lowndes County Alabama, to search fro Pickens. This would be to get whatever information I could on William H. Pickens and Julie Ann Brown, married in Lowndes Feb 28, 1841. I have William H ( I am guessing the H stands for Harvey, it’s all around our family) and family moving to Arkansas, in both Columbia and Bradley counties. Then , they moved to Texas. Surprise! William H son is Harvey H, whom I have found as living in Texas several years, then moving to Oklahoma. The 1850-1860 years seem to be misplaced. I can’t find any of them, but, Wiliam H dies 1860 in Arkaknsas.

And the next location, is back to Georgia, to Irwin and Dougherty counties. Still some gaps to be filled on Mamie. The first Mamie. Wife of John R McCall, mother of Mary Alva, Clifford Riley, Annie Clyde, Labert, Carl H, Yvonne, Joseph and Blanch. This family was a little confused on male and female names! The missing children, Labert, Carl H and Joseph, well, I am not sure where they ended living their last days. I heard Carl H was in Texas.

Texas, sounds like another trip to me!


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