A Lucky Call

Marriage Certificate of James Harvey Pickens and Alice Lindell Davidson

This is finally getting framed.

One day while looking into family history in Texas, I thought I would take a chance and call the Cooke County Court House. I told the woman who answered I was only guessing about information. I knew my grandfather Harvey Hershel Pickens was born in Cooke County in 1901. As most couples did back then, became pregnant almost right away. He was born in November 1901, so they must have married in 1900. Still, I was only speculating on location. Well, it turns out, it was a luck guess!! The woman at the records department was most kind , and called me back within two hours. She said they had found the liscense. I was so happy. She called me a second time, and said we also have the certificate. I asked for it to be copied and mailed. She said ” you don’t understand, we have the original ” . Imagine my surprise and joy , when she told me they had never picked it up in 1900. I had only one item from my great grandfather, a photo of the family. Now, I have a record that will last a lifetime.

James Harvey Pickens, Harvey Hershel Pickens, Viola Ruth Pickens and Alice Lindell Davidson Pickens


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