What Christmas Gifts Do You Remember?

Christmas 1968?

I remember many Christmas gifts over the years….

Somehow, I do not remember this particular gift. I do recall the first year I got a bicycle. My father worked two, and sometimes three jobs that year. I learned on a bicycle that belonged to neighbors, and only rims. I was so excited to have a bike of my own. That year , I was fove. The photo above shows us in our living room in our Nana and Papa’s house in Tampa. I know this, because I recognize the dining room chairs. I also can remember another Christmas that I received my doll, Drowsy…..see below…..the gifts I remember, are the ones most difficult to come by, and I do not have a photo of the bicycle, I wish I did.

Christmas 1966?

Who knew the gift of a cash register in 1968 would take me into a career of retail,? All these years later, I am in retail, since 1982.


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