Pickens is my maiden name. It has always been said in my family, we are related to the great revolutionary General Andrew Pickens. My grandfather never spoke much of his family, but, my cousin who was always interested in war memorabilia, said that Papa told him of the Andrew Pickens. I have found many Pickens ancestors, that moved from North Carolina, to Alabama, to Arkansas and Texas. Then to Oklahoma and down to Florida. I have ended up in Alabama, where my third great grandfather Harvey H Pickens was born. Very ironic I suppose I would end up in Alabama. Because, it was not until I lived here, that I really began my focus.

Andrew Pickens was born in 1739 in Pennsylvania. His family then travelled south and settled in the Waxhaws region of the Carolinas. After serving in the militia against the Cherokee Indians, Pickens settled down in South Carolina near the Georgia border to become a farmer, marry and raise a family. After war broke out, he became a militia captain. He served at Ninety-Six, South Carolina, Snow’s Campaign and Williamson’s expeditions against the Indians.

On February 14, 1779, Pickens defeated Colonel Boyd at Kettle Creek, Georgia. He briefly surrendered and went on parole following the Surrender of Charleston in May 1780. After returning to action, he participated in the Battle of Cowpens, Siege of Augusta, Siege of Ninety-Six and Battle of Eutaw Springs. He closed the war with campaigns against the Indians. After the war he served in the state assembly and Congress. He died in 1817.

I am still trying to make the elusive connection to Andrew Pickens, he is  perhaps a distant uncle.


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  1. My grandmother Elrod always said we were related to General Pickens – maybe a cousin? She lived in Pendelton SC. Her mother was a Traynum. I’m wondering if these last names appear in any of your searches of descendants. Thank you. Karen (Elrod) Smeltzer


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