1940 CENSUS / Who Will You Search First?

Census records capture a day in the lives of your family every 10 years. And the U.S. government releases the census to the public exactly 72 years after it was taken. That means today, the most recent census record you can peruse is from 1930 – quickly approaching its 82nd birthday. But that will change this April when the 1940 census reaches the magic age of 72 years, too.


In 1790, the population in the first census taken in the United States, was 3,929,214. It was 123,202,624 in the 1930 census.

Most of the family I had been searching, and had no info on, were dead by the time the 1940 census would have been taken. Although, it wlil be interesting to find where some relatives lived at the time.

My most interesting census find…..neighbors in Irwin County Georgia, Homer Bankston and Josie Jeffers married. This was my great grandmother’s sister. They all lived in the same neighborhood it seems.

Homer and Josie Jeffers Bankston


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