Skeletons in the closet .You know, there are secrets in all families

While searching for some information in Texas, I ran across an obituary from a 2nd great grand uncle. I was looking for anything on Julie A Pickens my 3rd great grandmother. She was born in Alabama in 1823 and lived to the ripe old age of 95! Wow!! I had run across a headstone of two of her sons, William Thomas and Leonidas C, both born in Alabama, and brothers to my 2nd great grandfather, Harvey H PIckens. The Harvey name carries through our family for years, although, my father never liked it. He recently told me this. I have been telling him stories as much as I can, You see, he has some dementia issues. It is getting worse, but, I like to still try to tell him some history of his family. I think he likes the fact I am doing the research.

Well, here is what I found during my search. I found the headstone, and William T Pickens, has a Masonic symbol on his. I have never understood much of the masons. I really need to try to understand it more.

It seems to go through several branches of my tree. William T Pickens was a member of Rebekah Lodge, Fannin  county Texas. He is buried at Oakwood cemetery, Fannin county Texas, with mother Julie A , brother  Leonidas and sister Josie.

Read closely….how does the Masonic lodge and the Ku Klux Klan tie together?


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  1. We have that in common. My grandfather was a Mason and my grandmother and aunts are members of Eastern Star. Very interesting find!

  2. What an interesting obit. Looks like more sleuthing for you.


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