How often do you have that one person, that left the family?

I have two. Both, are great grandparents. Neither, to my knowledge, were ever discussed. 

The first…..James Harvey Pickens. Born Aug 13, 1876, died 1934. He is buried with his parents, along with his sister. I find a Jim Pickens in the 1930 census, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He died in Oklahoma.  Is this a coincidence? He is listed as a widower. Not true, because, his wife and three children are now in Florida, in the 1930 census. He had several different jobs, 1900, farm laborer, 1910 furniture store clerk and 1920 laborer, public work. Now, he has a skill in 1930, he is a bricklayer. He left the family when my grandfather was a teen. My grandfather was left to be the man of the house, quit college and raise his siblings. This would have been between 1920 and 1928 by my estimation. My grandfather was born in 1901, his brother , the youngest of three children, in 1917. Whether he left due to hard times, lack of work, a roving eye, no one knows, or ever will.

Here is a family photo, before my great-uncle James Vance Pickens was born.


My other branch, is what started it all. By asking one question of my grandmother, I started an interest that would not stop.

Maude Virginia Jeffers, was my grandmother’s mom. She barely knew her. She was 3 years old when her father Clifford Riley McCall moved her and brother Theo to Plant City. Other family was already there, so I guess this was a comfort. His sister, Annie ( Lena ) Clyde married Charles Addison Gunn, her sister , Mary Alva, married his brother. The Gunns and McCalls were connected!!

Well, Mamie , my grandmother was now in Plant City with dad and brother. Her father remarried a few years later. In 1928, Maude Virginia Jeffers, was now ill. Imagine, not being around your mother all that time, now you are going to the funeral. As a young woman, having just graduated high school.

The telegram that was sent to my uncle Theo J McCall. My grandmother told me they drove two days to get to South Carolina. It is believed Maude married Lee Woodall. I still can not locate exactly where she is buried, even though I have the death record of her burial. It is an old cemetery in Greenville, South Carolina.

Great Grandmother Maude Jeffers McCall

It is difficult to surmise what may have happened in this story too. She died very young, only 43 years old.


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