This was taken about 5 years ago, while my parents went to visit David on Roan Mountain, Tennessee. We have known David Morgan since I was five years old. That would be 43 years based on my age. You don’t often keep friends that long, especially if you became friends when you were an adult. Daddy met David while he was a night attendant at the local tennis courts. He would lock up there, make sure they were taken care of in general. David had a brother who lived next to the courts. They all just became friends. We lived in the neighborhood, just a few blocks from the courts. I learned to play there, unfortunately, I never got very good at tennis. When David was a bachelor, I cleaned house for him. Not an easy task, but, it was good work for a thirteen year old!


David is one of those guys who would do anything for you. He has been there many times for us, and us for him. He was there when my father had his heart surgery in 1998. And , my father was there for him, when David had kidney transplant surgery . David, unfortunately, just lost his brother Wayne, who so unselfishly, gave his kidney to David.

David has always been like a second father to me. I know my dad would like to see him again soon, and I would like to take him back to Roan Mountain to see him soon. He is married to a wonderful woman , and they split their time between the mountain and Bradenton, Florida.




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