Every year, we would go to their house to spend time together, hunt eggs and have dinner. Everyone but Uncle Fred was in this picture. This was in Tampa Florida, in Nana and papa’s yard. I look about three years of age is why I say 1967. We would always have an Easter egg hunt in their yard. Whoever found the golden egg, ( it was colored yellow) would get 50 cents. Quite a bit if change back then to a kid. It always seemed Mike would find ” The Egg” .

I will always remember the wonderful times we all had together as kids. It was a great time.

Here are some additional photos of several Easter gatherings.

Hope you have a wonderful Easter with your family!!


All 6 cousins....Carol, Chris, Lynn, me , Mike and Brian


A tisket a tasket, me and my basket...with Mike in the background!


Chris with her basket


Cousins comparing their finds


The entire family, with Uncle Fred


I am conveniently missing from this photo, mom says I was asleep. Maybe so, Brian and I were a year apart.

I hope you and your family enjoy your Easter together, and remember the real reason we celebrate.


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