THE PATH OF MY ANCESTORS….I am Scottish mainly

I am Scottish, mainly……

I only know this by doing research of my family names.

Dunrobin Castle, Golspie Scotland

Pickens is from my paternal grandfather. The main one is Pickens, this is my maiden name. It is derived of Scottish ancestry.The meaning of the surname PICKENS is – descendant of little Pic of Picon (pike); one who made or used a pick or pickaxe. 

McCall is from my paternal grandmother.The meaning of the surname MCCALL is – the son of Cathal (battle; mighty); son of Cathmhaol (battle; chief). 

Ewing…is my mothers family name. The meaning of the surname EWING is – the son of Ewen (warrior); descendant of Ewen (well-born). 

Davidson is my paternal grandfathers mothers maiden name.The meaning of the surname DAVIDSON is – the descendant of David (commander; beloved; friend). 

Jones is my maternal grandmothers mothers maiden name. The meaning of the surname JONES is – the son of Jone, the Welsh pronunciation of John (gracious gift of Jehovah). 

I find it interesting the travels of my family. Many came to the Americas in late 1600’s and other lines in early 1800’s. My Pickens line was in  Pennsylvania and North Carolina, then the descendants migrated south to Alabama and Texas.

McCall  was in North Carolina as well in the 1800’s. My line was in Georgia, and Joseph was listed as born in Ireland, in 1829. It is possible he was of another line of McCalls who came earlier . Several are listed in North Carolina in the 1700’s. 


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