Yesterday I talked about George Washington Sullivan. He was my 4th great grand-uncle. Try to follow along. Builder of Charlton Hall in Laurens county South Carolina.

Well, I have another GW in the family. George Washington Mayberry. He was my 5th great-grandfather. I seriously doubt if either were named after our first president, but, it is coincidental. And there in the same line. GW Sullivan’s brother, William Dunklin married Mary Polly Mayberry, daughter of GW Mayberry.

G. W. Mayberry’s property was located near the Bibb/Perry Co line, and he and his family remained active in both counties. He was appointed Commissioner of Roads for Bibb Co on March 7, 1823, and appointed Bibb Co tax collector in May of that year. In the fall of 1779, at the age of 19, he enlisted as a private in the Calvary of Capt. John Cottrell and was assigned to guard the Tory prisoners in VA for 3 months. He enlisted again in the VA militia in the summer of 1781 and served 6 months in the companies of Capt. David Baird and Capt. Cummings, where he was at the Seige of Yorktown. He was very proud to have seen George Washington and Gen. Lafayette during this tour. After the surrender of Yorktown, he became ill and was discharged to return home in November, 1781. In 1832, the U.S. Government enacted a pension program for Revolutionary War Veterans and George Mayberry enrolled on December 18, 1833, and was granted an annual pension allowance of $32.

The two George Washington males above are directly related to my line, the GW Gunn I speak of below are by marriage only.

Another George Washington in my tree is there by marriage. One of George Washington Gunn’s children, well, actually two sons, married McCall sisters. Barnett Kingsley Gunn married Mary Alva McCall and his brother Charles Addison Gunn married Annie Clyde “Lena” McCall. These would each be a great grand-aunt to me. Their father in law, G W Gunn was an Alabama state senator , a Baptist minister , a lawyer and also the attorney general for the state of Alabama in the mid 1800’s.

Is it fate to be given a name as esteemed as George Washington and become some form of public servant? Are you predisposed by the name you are given? Perhaps they were as driven as our first President of these United States. To be named after the first President is considered patriotic.


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