I have been searching…….

for that elusive bit of genealogy that would make my family interesting. Did I have Patriots in my family? Yes, several, and have seen the grave of one ( Alexander Ewing ) of them in Pennsylvania. Did I have plantation owners? Yes, and would love to visit the lands of these former plantations. Were there notable men and women? Indeed, in several states, from South Carolina to Alabama. Perhaps, more I have yet to discover.

But, where is the dirt? I have found little. One usually strives to keep those things covered. I have only found one record of any scandal. A great-uncle that was connected to The Ku Klux Klan, proud of that I am not. Yet, in the mid 19th century and into the mid 20th century, this was common. He lived in Texas, and when his obit was posted, it stated that he had ” the ceremonies of the Ku Klux Klan”. What kind of ceremonies could they dispense at a funeral? That particular side of the family were not slave owners, nor did they ever have enough land that they would have owned a plantation. I guess he just believed the way he did for his own reasons.

I have an interesting story my great-aunt Edith told me of Henry Ford visiting her father’s blacksmith shop in Plant City. Offering him a job metal working for the trucks he was building.. This would have been somewhere in 1920’s. Clifford McCall and family moved there between 1915-1920. So, the time works out right. My great-grandfather owned a blacksmith shop and made tools, knives for friends and yard implements.

So where are the moonshiners, stories of indiscretion, felons and ne’er do wells? I will keep searching for that skeleton someone has harbored away to be found when all is forgotten.


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  1. I am so glad you are not one to hide from the fact that one of your family members was part of a group that made it difficult for African Americans and others not of the white race. When we don’t hide and we share this gives rise to discussion and healing. Thank you.


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