Second man from the left is my grandfather, Harvey Hershel Pickens.

I believe this was taken outside Thurow Electrics, where my grandfather worked in the 1950’s.

As far back as I can remember, Papa was always in sales. The earliest job I can recall, is when he worked at Baird Mobile Homes in Tampa. At that time, mobile homes was a booming industry. It was an affordable to own a home, and there were fewer restrictions on placement. A while later, he worked with my uncle, Fred Baity in Franklyn homes. I don’t recall much about that job. And , after that, both grandparents real estate liscenses. He sold home in a subdivision call ” Casa del Sol ” which was in Bradenton. It doesn’t seem like sales would be a profession in which a quiet unassuming man could succeed, but, he did. I believe it was due to his honesty and integrity, characteristics on which I place a great deal of importance.

My grandfather once told me that home builder Jim Walter once came to him to purchase equipment when he first started his business. Jim Walter homes was based in Tampa.


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