I WAS GOING THROUGH PHOTOGRAPHS TODAY…..this was not unlike any other day that I had the time to do this. I have been sorting, and sorting and scanning and blogging!! Whew!! It is time to be completely organized. While going through the EWING box, I came across this photo, labeled Great Grandmother Ewing , cc 1887, granddad Ewing’s mother. So, indeed, this must be Mary Richael, Aaron Ewing’s wife….maker of the Thin Plum Cake. The setting is right, as it looks like a cabin they may have lived in the Bruin community in Butler county Pennsylvania. Mary Richael Ewing is buried with son, John Wesley Ewing and Thomas in Bear Creek cemetery in Petrolia, Bultler county Pennsylvania.

Great Grandmother Ewing, Mary Richael Ewing

Also, I have located a postcard, dated 1906, This was sent from Melva Tamor ( ? ) to Lizzie Ewing, daughter of Aaron and Mary. Lizzie’s address was in Pittsburg at the time, and would have been 26 years of age. Family research says she married John Say. I can make no connection to Melva Tamer or Tamer.

Aaron Ewing died in Bruin, in 1910 at the Poor Home. His death certificate states that he was a widower. His wife Mary, above, died in 1909. Aaron was the grandson of Patriot Alexander Ewing. You can find more on the Alexander Ewing lineage here.


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