Earl Steadman was born on 2 Aug 1833 in E. Fallowfield Township., Crawford County, PA. Died April 20, 1893, Ashtabula, Ohio . Buried at Williamsfield Center cemetery with second wife Esther Weir.

Williamsfield Center cemetery, Ashatabula , Ohio

PA 1870 Census has Earl listed as age 33 (born 1835/36) He was living on 11 Jun 1870 in E. Fallowfield Township., Crawford County, PA.He died on 20 Apr 1893 in Williamsfield, Ashtabula, OH. He was buried in Center Cemetery, Ashtabula, OH. He served in the military and was a Civil War Veteran. Son of John Gardinier Steadman and Catherine Gross.

For those of you following the Ewing line, Earl Steadman ( Stedman ) married Christina Hubler ( died 1865 ) . He then married Esther Weir. Christina and Earl had 5 children


Children of Earl and Christina

Mary Catherine Steadman1855 – 1924 married David E Jones , a blind horse and buggy minister, David E Jones and Mary Catherine Steadman had 5 children, one of which was Ethel Lutisia Jones who married Albert Ross Ewing.

Warren Steadman1857 –

Birten Philip Steadman1859 – 1938

Nelson E Steadman1862 – 1865

Elmer Ellsworth Steadman1864 – 1965

Earl and Esther had 3 children

William Perry Steadman1866 –

Jennie May Steadman1868 – 1907

Darius Steadman1873 –

 Could his great-grandmother have been a witch? There is a story out there of an Isabel Babcock, daughter of Job Babcock. Isabel married James Steadman, their child was James Hull Steadman. James Hull Steadman married Elizabeth Champlin, their son was John Gardinier ( Gardner ) Steadman. The description says she was a spinster. Well, this is an unmarried woman, so, it makes no sense to me. She shows as having married in 1762 to James Steadman.

Isabel>James Hull>John Gardiner>Earl Steadman

Portrait of Isabel Babcock dated 1757 aged 17. Rhode Island Archives

Now, I don’t know if any of this is true, but, it makes for an interesting find. I am attaching the story anyway, trying to authenticate.

Isabel Babcock, spinster, aged 52 has been hanged in the Town Square along with 5 other witches (Cara James, Ilsa Coulter, Margaret Oley, Bona Stone and Alice Kelly) as determined by Justice Norton of Kingston, Washington, Rhode Island. Isabel’s body would be burned once dead never to lay at rest in the ground. Isabel lived near town in a shanty with her cohorts and practiced witchcraft for most of her adult life it is reported. The evil spirits that took the lives of the Browne Family Easter last were charged against the Babcock Witches. The Death of cattle on the Ester Farm Xmas last was blamed on poisoned water created by these same witches. The supernatural powers of the Witches burned the local churches many times over the years preceding. It will never be known the extent of the powers the Babcock Witches possessed. Josiah Babcock, brother of Isabel testified at the judicial hearing against his sister as did her sister Deborah. The family were in fear of being murdered by Isabel as she was insane they stipulated. Witch hunter Reginald Osterhand had investigated this group for 12 years and testified against them in court. Isabel’s parentage was the late Justice of the Peace for South Kingston Job Babcock and his late wife Elizabeth Hull.


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  1. It’s always frustrating when the pieces of the puzzle don’t quite fit together, but what an intriquing mystery! . . .an ancester who might possibly have been a witch.

  2. Very confusing. In a reference article about Job Babcock, it mentions him having kids, one named Isabel…and states that she married James Steadman. Isabel & James had 12 or 15 kids. Her Dad appears to be well off, was a Justice of the Peace, but it never mentions Isabel’s problems. In trying to find info on the “Babcock Witches”, I also found a Debrorah Babcock, who had cement tied to her feet and dumped in the lake..for being a witch. It says that for many years she was suspected of having a hand in the deaths of several families…”but never harmed her own husband/kids”. Her DAD was John Babcock…who had a son Job Babcock…and this was also in/around the area of Kingston, Washington County, RI. I’m thinking this all ties in together. I’m still looking for a story, court records or an obit…to tie it all up. PS, my Dad’s Mother is Bertha E Stedman/Steadma, born in Michigan. Going 5 generations back from Bertha, is James Steadman—the man who married witch Isabel Babcock. Joy from Battle Creek, Michiagn

  3. Earl was my 2nd great=grandfather. The photo in your blog is of a portrait of Earl that hangs in my sister’s house in Andover, Ohio


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