Gathering fallen leaves, twigs and branches ( this will be my 100th post )

New discoveries of some hidden stories.

I have always been curious about hidden family secrets, every family  seems to have them. People protect the stories to protect others, and some secrets are lost with those who pass on and we never learn the mysteries of why.

I have come across such stories recently. As you get older, it doesn’t seem to matter the circumstances of how things came to be. It is more important who your family is, where they came from, how you are related and who influenced your life.

I am going to try to help a cousin, in fact, my mother’s cousin find some information on her father. There are several missing links in the Ewing family. I would like to know more about them.

My grandmother, Blanche Eleanor Ewing grew up in Venango county, Pennsylvania. She had four sisters and three brothers, eight children in total. They all lived to be adults and stayed all their lives in the surrounding areas, with the exception of Mary Catherine. She moved to Tampa. Had it not been for her moving there, my parents would never have met.

Their parents were Albert Ross Ewing and Ethel Lutisia Jones. They lived on a farm in an area that is called Congress Hill, or Sandycreek township, this is in Venango county Pennsylvania. I did not know until recently, the farm on which Uncle Tom and Aunt Ruth lived, was the same farm on which Tom was raised.I stayed at the farm several times when I visited Grandmother, aunts and uncles.While I have with mom at the hospital with my father, I began asking questions. I had several questions years ago as well, about my mom’s father. Questions I hoped my grandmother could answer for not only myself, but, for my mom.

I am going to continue this story as I search for ancestors and truth.


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