Do you know the faith of your ancestors?

I am sure many of us who are interested in family history, have inherited a bible or two. Or, perhaps five! Looking for information contained in those bibles can be more interesting than that of the age of the bible itself. Some websites are devoted to people reuniting them to their long lost family bibles.


Tattered and torn, put away in the bookcase, I look at them every now and then. Still hoping to find some lost scrap of paper or handwritten notes on the pages of information on births, marriages and deaths.

I have one I can not identify who the owner was, and the others are from Ewing and McCall sides. I have some copied pages from the Ewing side that a cousin had researched that connect me to Alexander Ewing, the Patriot.

Have you strayed from what your ancestors believed? Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, Presbyterian, Wesleyan Methodist, Pentecostal, Judaism,Quakers or even Lutheran. Many times, religion was the community in which you lived. Now, there may be up to a dozen different faiths all in the same town. Most religion carried through the generations. You can see this at most church cemeteries. I am interested if you carried your family faith to your generation.


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