I love looking through cemeteries, I think I have stated this more than once, perhaps countless times. My husband now says, “where you grave diggin today” ? I enjoy the historical aspect. Looking at the different headstones can tell you so much about the person. The detail of markers from the mid 19th century are so detailed, you have to wonder why that craftsmanship is no longer requested.

The older cemeteries have much more interest to me. I hardly ever stop if I don’t see vertical markers. They have changed so much over time, from wooden markers to flat ones. These new cemeteries seem unadorned, although they are always covered with flowers. I look for the obelisks, there I know, I will find something intriguing.

But, sometimes, you come across a marker that makes you sad, that of a child. That is what I will show today. We have all heard the saying, ” no parent should ever have to bury their child “. Below are some photos I have taken of children’s headstone, from stillborn to seventeen years of age. Some parents lost two children. The lamb usually marks the grave of a child. The lamb always stands for innocence.

Lois Christine Swann, 1 year

Roger Speegle 1 year and Donald Speegle 2 years

Blaxton Boy

Charles E Lamb 1 year

Maggie Russel 17 years

Great-granddaughter of Setimus D. Cabaniss, no name or age

William James Sykes, 4 months

Curtis Ray Pepper, 2 months

Ruth Elizabeth Black, 9 years of age

Sally Haywood Hansell, three years

Edward Mason, 8 days old

James Edmond Gamble, 2 years

Mary Helen Gamble, 6 years

Burton Clements, 2 years

Infant son, Witty

William Witty, 4 months

Infant daughter, J.S. Crutcher

Too many children lost at a very early age. These are all from cemeteries in Madison, Limestone and Lawrence counties. You can search online for your relatives, and read bios on FindaGrave.


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