I believe this is a recipe for dumplins, to be eaten with turnip greens. There seems to be a okra recipe started for okra fritters also.  Now, I don’t recall either of these ever being made at Nana’s house. Except, turnip greens. As turnip greens so, I usually do not like them. They can be rather tart. Her turnip greens had a sweet taste to them. I guess she added sugar.

This recipe was found in her 1950 Betty Crocker Cookbook. Along with several handwritten notes, and clipping for cookie recipes and this Boy Scout Week food guide from 1956. My dad was in Boy scouts, I still have his canteen. I don’t think he went to Boys Club.This would have been from a publication she ordered more than likely or a magazine.

Boys Club Week

Nana was never what I called a ” baker”. Although, she did make a great lemon pound cake and banana nut bread. Those were the two I always helped her make. But, when it came to meals, she always kept them balanced and healthy. Never a meal went by that you didn’t have a salad!

Nana was never ill a day in her life. Could this be attributed to healthy eating? I was looking through the BC cookbook. Quite informative and out of date. It speaks of making an attractive dinner table, balancing the foods for a healthy meal and how to store foods. I think most households now would not the ingredients to make anything from scratch. Their idea of eating together is all in one vehicle at a drive through.

Betty Crocker knew what she was doing. The 1950’s was a time of family get togethers, the birth of dinner parties and entertaining, and how to teach a new wife to make a home. Missing today is the family get togethers, maybe only at holidays and Sunday. Perhaps we should all look to the past to get our families more involved.


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