Lizzie Ewing was the daughter of Aaron and Mary Ann Richael. I have another postcard addressed to Lizzie around the same time period, dated 1906. In both the 1900 and 1910 census, she was living in Bruin, Butler county Pennsylvania. First with her mother and siblings, and 1910 with brother Thomas. During the period of 1906, she was in Pittsburgh. Perhaps in school. She would have been about twenty-six years of age. Christy Anna Ewing was her sister and married Abner Snow. I have yet to find Lizzie in the 1930 census.

What is interesting is, the postcard appears to be from Elmer Snow, Christy and Abner’s son. This was not a romance, as far as I can tell. He married someone else. Maybe just a note to a dear sister-in-law while he was away working.


Most my family was either in Mercer, Butler , Lawrence or Venango counties in the 1800-1900’s. Some of the Aaron Ewing family went west for a while to work.



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  1. The photo postcard of Bruin, PA, that says “Bruin Village, Merry Christmas 1906, Melda Turner” is interesting to me. Melda Turner was one of the Turner family who lived on a farm just north of Bruin. Melda’s youngest sister, Mary Turner, sold my family that farm in 1961, which is where I grew up. Thank you for posting that photo!

  2. Greetings, I was trying to read the info at the top of your 1906 postcard that has the paddlewheel boat. I can read “Lawrenceville, Ill.”, but the top sentence is cut off. Do you happen to have a better/complete scan of that postcard, or can you tell me what the top line says? Thanks!


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