Built in 1829, by Colonel Francis Dancy. The home later passed to his granddaughter Lavinia Dancy-Polk. she used it as a boarding house after her husband, Dr. Thomas Polk passed away.

This home was one of four structures that were left standing after the Battle of Decatur in October 1864 during the Civil War. The home survived the ravages of the battle including occupation by Union troops and a cannonball strike to the front porch column relatively unscathed. The clapboard, brick structure remains in its original state today. More than 75% of the walls remain the original lathe and plaster. All original picture rail, chair rail and baseboards remain.The home has changed hands several times over the 180 year period. There was an extensive renovation that took place in 1972 and authentically decorated.

When I was by last week, there were permits posted, which made me believe, once again, there may be another restoration underway.

Notable visitors to the home include General Joe Wheeler, James Garfield, Generals Dodge and Doolittle and the notorious Frank James who boarded at the home prior to his surrender.


Dancy-Polk house

Dancy House 1829, Morgan County Archives






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