I was online the other day, and discovered, that there are some newspapers in Georgia that are available and searchable. Yes, archived newspapers of where my family lived, during their last years in Georgia. I had always thought I could find something on Mamie, wife of John R. McCall, if only I kept searching. She is one of the reasons I do search.

In another post I had talked about finding the other Mamie,  I knew that was her first name. Although, many records in census, show Mannie and also Mollie. My grandmother is named Mamie, so, I knew it had to be! Family names carry on and on, etc….

I knew from census records in Georgia, that John R and family were in Georgia in 1910, in Albany area, Dougherty county. In 1915 or so, I saw that John had moved to Florida somewhere between 1910 and 1920. At the time of the 1920 census, he was living with daughter Lena Gunn and her spouse, Charles Addison Gunn. They lived in Tampa. It listed John R as a widow. I guessed his wife died in 1915, as only to have a point of reference on Ancestry. In hopes there would be a hint….you know, the little leaf that appears.

Now, the obituary I came across today, was a needle in a haystack. When I searched McCall, this is the first article that appeared, 100% match, on only the last name. I think I may have said ” I found her!!  ” No one was here to hear me! It validated her name as Mamie and the last name of Thomas. I had seen the name Thomas before on a death record of one of their children, but, was not convinced. I am now convinced. This is from the Thomaston paper , Times-Enterprise, June15, 1915.

Obit on Mamie Thomas McCall, Thomaston Georgia

I know it is illegble, but, in the regular viewer on the website, I can view it. In order to view them, you must have DjVu a really difficult to navigate system. I am now in the process to see if there is a death certificate. Although, Georgia did not require them until 1919, four years after her death.


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  1. What an amazing find!! It feels good when you can break down a brick wall!


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