Beloved actor, Andy Griffith, dies at age 86.

Andy Griffith

He was best known for his portrayal of a small town sheriff, in the fictional town of Mayberry. This could have been any small town in America in the early 60’s. He played Andy Taylor form 1960-1968. It was popular for its lessons taught to a small boy by his father, the boy we knew as Opie. Today that young man is an esteemed director. Aunt Bee for her many baking skills and pies that won blue ribbons, although her pickles were awful! We knew his friends like they were our own, like Barney,Goober, Floyd and Gomer. Visitors from the mountain, the Darlings, a man who threw rocks, Ernest T. Bass, a drunkard with a heart, Otis and my husband’s favorite, the lady druggist, Ellie. They were comical characters that brightened our days, lifted our spirits and took us back to a simpler time. We could all use some of that today.

The Andy Griffith Show became part of the American culture. We all have our favorite episodes. I would be hard-pressed to think of one single episode that stands out in my mind.

But, some of my favorites are, ” The Arrest of the Fun Girls “, 1965, “ The Darlings are Coming ” 1963, ” A Wife for Andy “, 1963 and ” Barney’s First Car ” , 1963. These are just a few. I am certain you can name many more.

Yes, Andy Griffith did other things besides ” The Andy Griffith Show”, but, is it for that, he will be remembered.



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