During the years in Texas, my great-grandfather and his family lived in Valley View, Cooke county where my Papa Harvey H Pickens was born, Sanger Texas in Denton county and then to Purcell, McClain county Oklahoma.

Arkansas to Texas to Oklahoma

It seems they took a straight path to Oklahoma. Previous to this, Harvey H the g-g grandfather lived in Lamar Texas as well. I found them in the 1880 census there with wife and several children. Although, before they came to Texas, they were in Arkansas, a strange route to take. All I can figure is there was family in southern Texas. I have yet to find who that would be. They lived in both Bradley and Columbia counties Arkansas, which are closer to the northeast corner of Texas. Another mystery to solve. Ancestor William Pickens died in Bradley county Arkansas in 1860. No record in a cemetery though, at last I tried. Only the mortality index. Harvey H and Sarah F Smith must have married between the two counties in Arkansas during the years 1862-1865 . Their first child was born in 1865. I can find no marriage record online. Time to ask for some volunteers in Arkansas!!


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