I am going to write these in her words. She has told me some of these stories, and some I am reading for the first time. My mother and family did not have much growing up in a small town, but, they did have loving parents, good times and stories that will endure.

It has been awhile since I posted anything else from  my mom’s stories she wrote. The last was finding her and grandmother in the 1940 census, along with the man who wold later become my mom’s father.


When we got older, Granddad ( Albert Ross Ewing ) would come pick us up. He had a 1931 Ford with a rumble seat. Al and I would sit back there. He would stop at Joe Guyton’s store, which was at the corner of 13th and Buffalo in Franklin,and he would buy us a candy bar. We never told Grandmother, and she never knew, or smelled it on us. On Saturday afternoon, he would take us back home. We didn’t go there a lot. Granddad always seemed to have a garden, and shared what he grew with us. Next to my grandparents home was a one room school that my mom  ( Blanch Ewing ) attended. My grandfather was very strict with the girls, but, no so much with the boys, Uncle Chuck, Wesley and Tom. They al lived in a small house with the three boys and five girls. It was on Congress Hill in the Sandycreek township. It happens to be that the very land they lived on while my grandmother was being raised, was the land all the male children divided to farm themselves. My Aunt Ruth and Uncle Tom lived in the old barn until they built a home of their own. And, he also farmed with a smaller garden, because, he had a regular job. The main road going there is Pone Lane to Congress Hill now there is a Ewing Lane….the name lives on in the land.

Albert Ross Ewing

Sandycreek township

Ethel Jones Ewing

Daddy’s father, lived in Canonsburg Pennsylvania. He was blind, and married to a lady that cooked food we didn’t like. This would be Charles W. Dean, on which I can’t find much information. He married Mary Vinton, that is about al the information that I have.  We did care a lot for our grandfather. One day our grandmother fried up Buckwheat pancakes and we did not like them. She told us if we didn’t eat them, we couldn’t go outside. When she left the room, uncle Frank came in and got the pancakes and fed them to the pigs. I bet they didn’t like them either. That was the longest week of our life Uncle Frank played the fiddle really good, which helped pass the time. Daddy had other relatives in Canonsburg too. Willard and his wife, McElheney and some others. I guess we went to visit on the bus. Daddy never drove, and we had no car. So, if we ever went on vacation, we would take the bus.

Dean family

I am currently trying to find the census records from this time frame now that the 1940 census is available. I have located a census from 1920 that have the McElheney family next door as well as the last name Cherry, I have heard this name mentioned before, Willard was a McElheney. I just found a Mary Vinton, in Warren county Pennsylvania. I have some family research that states bothe Mary and Charles W were born in Warren county. Now, to find him in a census. Mary Vinton’s father was Riley, it’s starting to add up ,right? I can’t tell you exactly who is who in the group photographs, only that they are Deans.

1920 , Cecil township, Washington county, Pa.

Still on the search for the rest so I can find siblings of Ruben, somewhere in Pennsylvania.



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  1. Sheila Baxter Vesper

    Hi Patricia,
    My daughter has been doing some research on the Ewing branch of our family. She found your name and that Blanche Ewing was your grandmother. My grandmother was Mary Katherine Ewing Harkless Stokes who had a sister Blanche. My mother was Berneitha June Harkless Baxter and we lived in Tampa, FL. I now live in Athens, AL and found it interesting that we may be related . Just thought I’d drop a line to you.

    Sheila Vesper

    • Hi!!! I am very familiar with Geraldine, or Geri. My mom talked to her not to long ago. She went into a nursing home?? She and I had compared notes for a long time.

    • Hi!!! I am very familiar with Geraldine, or Geri. My mom talked to her not to long ago. She went into a nursing home?? She and I had compared notes for a long time. I scrolled down and saw you live in Athens!! I was just there today photographing cemeteries!! Where in Athens! I am just down hwy 31 in Decatur!!!

    • I had not heard back from regular email. Mom was excited to know you were close by.


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