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Roan Mountain Tennessee

It was nearly five years ago, we visited Roan Mountain Tennessee , in Oct 2012.  Still one of the most beautiful places I have seen.

There is something so serene about an old church and a blue sky. The story told to us from Dad’s friend David is , he was here when WWII broke out, he was about 8 years old. That year, dad was starting to have some real memory issues. David and his wife Shirley took us around this most beautiful place where David and his family grew up, how fortunate. It was gorgeous! Just at the edge of the Cherokee National Forest and at the top part of the Smokey Mountains. Heaven on earth. Majestic, peaceful and breathtaking scenery. Always enjoyed better with life long friends.











The last photo is of dad and David from sevreal years before at the same mill. , Dad wearing the same jacket. Lifelong friends. Like a second father to me. I have known him since I was five. DADDY AND DAVID.JPG



Reflection Weekend 

We lost Dad to Alzheimer’s just a few short weeks ago.  He had been in the hospital since July 25, and was never able to return home. After those trying weeks of emotional stress, I decided to have a girls weekend planned with  Mom, sister, niece and great-niece. Everyone had a fantastic time.

I chose a cabin in the woods of Murphy North Carolina. On a creek secluded in the woods. It was wonderful.

It was a wonderful time to reflect on many things in life. We shared stories, asked many questions that had beeen left unanswered, listened to Mom speak of their early life together before we came along and there were tears. Though it was a challenge, all of us in the same cabin, different thoughts on everything, we dealt with it, had a lot of fun and enjoyed our ” girl time ” .

Dad’s Visitation Memorial Video


I was writing a new post and had forgotten to post this. Glad I saw it.

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