My name is Patricia Ann Pickens . I have been doing genealogy research for about 28 years now. I will be updating my findings, posting pics and a family history as I go. I also have a twitter so you can follow me there as well as Facebook. . My family originates from Ireland and Scotland. The names are listed on the surname page. They have migrated to Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma. I hope you find my blog interesting. I enjoy going to cemeteries and photographing old headstones.

I am really hoping to connect to others who may have some family information on the McCall and Pickens lines of my family. I have some missing links.

I live in north Alabama, in Hartselle, Have been here for 2 years now in Hartselle, but, 25 in Alabama. I enjoy local history and visiting the cemeteries, and taking photos of headstones, architecture etc. Please see my cemeteries page for places I have visited.

I had to change the tagline of my site, since I find so many interesting local things as well.

I hope you enjoy my BLOG.

All written material is my own. If it is not, I will cite the source. All photographs are my own. If they are taken from anywhere else, I will credit the source. If you would like to use any of the material found on my site, please ask permission by contacting me at

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  1. It looks like your family may have made a stop in Arkansas on the way to Texas. This LDS address will take you to an 1870 census page that I believe is your Harvey Pickens.


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