March 07

Nana and Papa’s House


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  1. WOW! What wonderful collection of family heritage photos! They’re beautiful and priceless and each attached to wonderful stories. So glad you’re taking the time to preserve them and pass their stories along to the next generation. 🙂

  2. Patty, This is fabulous! We have been in a world of our own. Brian is turning 50 and our house is upside down and I could not find any family pics due to remodeling to make him a quick album. Your sight is wonderful and what a great tribute to the Baity family! Brian is in school full time and works full time so he does not have much time at all for even emails.You have been so kind to send these things out to the family….Thank you for your kindness and we are so grateful.
    Much Love and Sincerely,
    Penny Baity

    • Hey Penny!! Great to hear from you!! I am so glad you have looked at my blog. I have been really busy on other things, new business ventures etc. I have made lots of projects on my new business that involves family photos. I wil send you a link to check it out when you can. upload your photos and make a book or canvas, cards or scrap pages. You would love it for the kiddos too!!


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