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The Longest Day 

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Dad, Mom and me Feb 2017

Dad and me Christmas four years ago

Neurologist Dr Christopher Laganke

This June, I will participate in The Longest Day®, a fundraising event benefiting the Alzheimer’s Association. On June 21, people around the world will do what they love to honor a caregiver, a person living with the disease or someone they’ve lost, while raising funds and awareness to advance Alzheimer’s care, support and research.



Skeletons in the closet .You know, there are secrets in all families

While searching for some information in Texas, I ran across an obituary from a 2nd great grand uncle. I was looking for anything on Julie A Pickens my 3rd great grandmother. She was born in Alabama in 1823 and lived to the ripe old age of 95! Wow!! I had run across a headstone of two of her sons, William Thomas and Leonidas C, both born in Alabama, and brothers to my 2nd great grandfather, Harvey H PIckens. The Harvey name carries through our family for years, although, my father never liked it. He recently told me this. I have been telling him stories as much as I can, You see, he has some dementia issues. It is getting worse, but, I like to still try to tell him some history of his family. I think he likes the fact I am doing the research.

Well, here is what I found during my search. I found the headstone, and William T Pickens, has a Masonic symbol on his. I have never understood much of the masons. I really need to try to understand it more.

It seems to go through several branches of my tree. William T Pickens was a member of Rebekah Lodge, Fannin  county Texas. He is buried at Oakwood cemetery, Fannin county Texas, with mother Julie A , brother  Leonidas and sister Josie.

Read closely….how does the Masonic lodge and the Ku Klux Klan tie together?

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