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Sentimental Sunday …..1427 1/2 Myrtle St



I started visiting Franklin Pennsylvania when I was ten years old. At the top of the hill was Myrtle St.and Sassafras St., they met up in the bend of the road. The house sloped a bit, meaning it always felt like it was going to slide off the side of the hill into 15th street!! You walked into the living room at the back of the house, and there was a slant. At ten, I thought it was neat. . Upstairs, there were two bedrooms. And there was a narrow set of stairs that led up to them. At this time, my grandfather had not yet been moved downstairs for care. He later was, so grandmother could help him more easily. There were two large beds in the front bedroom which faced down onto the street.For some reason, I remember when it stormed, my grandmother did not like that. I did, and still do like sleeping during storms.

At the base of those stairs, there was also a large bathroom, my mother said had been converted some years ago. Plus side, a large claw foot tub, which I loved. There was a wringer washer too. I have many great memories of our visits.

My mom grew up here, along with her brother Albert. They would tell all kinds of stories about a runaway wagon, overturned outhouses and of the neighbors they knew from way back.

From this house, you could walk through the woods and get to the top of the mountain to Franklin Heights. From the top of the mountain, you could see all the way downtown to Franklin, one of my favorite views.

Soon after my grandmother moved in the apartment in downtown Franklin, the house was demolished. I see the door to the root cellar still there, I never went in it!!

Attached are some photos of the house when my mom was very young with the family, and some with her brother.

Family Photos


ALBERT and ETHEL continued…..

The children of Albert and Ethel Ewing

Mary Catherine 1911-1999 married William Cyrus Harkless and George Stokes

Thomas Earl 1913-1989 married Ruth Jane Myers of Franklin, Venango county

Charles E 1914-1986 married Nina Brown of Clinton, Venango county

Wesley R 1916-1991 married Dorothy Mae Melat of Rockland Venango county

Blanche Eleanor 1918-2000 My grandmother,  married Ruben Riley Dean of Canonsburg Pa in 1940

Grace E 1921-1990

Mildred Irene 1924- only living sibling, married Robert Fuchs of Allegheny, parents were from Germany/Austria

Leona Ruby 1925-1989 Married a man from the neighborhood, Chauncey Brown, he was 20 years her senior

There are some gaps as you see, and some second marriages. 

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