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Pickens from a Different Patch

For the longest time, I have heard we are related to General Andrew Pickens of the revolutionary War. I have tried to directly link him to our family, but, once you get to the early 1800’s, it is difficult. In my finding, my ancestors moved from North Carolina to Alabama. This was William Pickens and wife, and their three sons. Lloyd Allison , James Valentine and William H Pickens. William H Pickens being my 3rd great grandfather. The records I have of WIliam H Pickens are mostly in Alabama, showing he married Julie Ann Brown in Lowndes county, in 1841. No record of the 1850 census for him, and he died in Arkansas in 1860. I do find later records of J A Pickens ( Julie Ann Brown ) and the children having lived in Arkansas, possibly Louisiana and Fannin county Texas.

Someone was kind enough to post a picture of the headstone for Julie Ann Pickens, buried in Oakwood cemetery, Honey Grove, Fannin county Texas. She was ninety five years of age. Thanks goodness for the Texas vital records. They have one of the most complete list of death records which I found on Family Search.

Julie Ann Pickens


Go West Young Man

If your family is like everyone else, some part of your tree migrated to or from Texas or other parts west. Coincidentally, my ancestors on my father’s side all were in Texas at some point. There were many reasons people were drawn to western areas. A large part was due to the land they was undeveloped and free for the taking. The Homestead Act of 1862 allowed you to file a claim for land, plow it, dig a well live there and farm it for five years, It became yours. Other reasons to move west were the movement of railroads, cattle drives, gold mining and lack of farmland in the east. I am not certain the reasons for my ancestors going to Texas. I do know they left Alabama, went through Arkansas and Louisiana and ended up in the north Texas region known as Fannin county. And, I ended up in Alabama, go figure.

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