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I just received a death certificate in the mail. I had requested one of my great-grandmother, Alice Lindell Davidson Pickens. She is buried in Myrtle Hill cemetery , Tampa Florida. I had taken a trip to Tampa, several years ago, in hopes of finding her headstone. I knew she was in Myrtle Hill, I had found the record in the Plant City Archives.  It is actually names for an aunt by marriage, Quintilla Geer Bruton. Located in the old Plant City high school, where my grandmother graduated in 1928…….sorry.

Alice Lindell Davidson Pickens

Anyway, when I was in Tampa, back in 2008, I visited the old house in which I grew up. Well, I drove by it, of course, it was not the same. Also, my grandparents old house, which was not a pale pink. I turned on the GPS to find Myrtle Hill cemetery. And I set out to find the headstone of my ancestor. It is a beautiful cemetery, large oaks with draping moss. Old on the left, new on the right. I chose old. I was not a cemetery expert at this time. I did not have a plot to go by, so I was driving, walking and looking around. At the north side of the cemetery is the mausoleum. Fifties design, and it looked very familiar. I got a rather weird deja vu  feeling. The mausoleum did not seem unknown to me. I would later ask both my parents about this. I knew I had been there. The entrance was eerily familiar. A large headstone with the name ” Savage” was what stopped me in my tracks.Both my parents said they never took me there. I was not in attendance at my uncle Jimmy Pickens funeral, who is buried with his mother Alice. And they also told me that Nana would never have taken me there. Sometime later, a nice man volunteered to take a photo of Alice’s headstone, I was very close to it when I had visited. I found a plot of the cemetery later to confirm this.

Myrtle Hill cemetery entrance

So, now, I have another mystery to solve. On Alice’s death certificate, it lists her parents. Thank Goodness, my information was correct. But, it also has a last name of Cearley. I had seen this before. Texas is wonderful about posting death certificates on FamilySearch. I had found one on Alice’s mother, and it listed her name as Mary Lumley ( Davidson ) Cearley. This is a question, because, she is buried with her husband, Hiram Isaac Davidson. Now, I am off to see if there was indeed a marriage to a Cearley. Mary Lumley Sullivan Davidson is buried in Sanger cemetery, Denton county Texas.

Alice Lindell Davidson Pickens

Mary Lumley Sullivan Davidson Cearley

I think this is a mystery that can only be solved in Texas. Most of that side of the Pickens/ Davidson family lived in the northern part of Texas….in Denton, Cooke and Wichita counties.



Myrtle Hill Cemetery

This is the map of Myrtle Hill Cemetery, Tampa Florida. It is said to be haunted. After some research at the Plant City Historical Society, I went to the cemetery in hopes of finding the headstone of my Great grandmother, Alice Lindell Davison. I entered the cemetery from the west, and chose to go to the older side of the cemetery, which was only a guess. I really had no idea where I was going. Only two other vehicles were in the park that day. After driving around some, I finally got out and walked around some. There is a mausoleum there to the north, that is a retro design from the fifties. It is a beautiful cemetery, decorated with  large oaks of cascading spanish moss. Absolutely gorgeous! I remember seeing a large marker with the name Savage. It must have been four feet high. Somehow, it seemed familiar. I looked around some, but, had no luck in finding the headstone.  I got a strange feeling, as if I had been there before. After my visit, I called my parents to see if I had ever been there. We moved from Tampa when I was three. I thought perhaps, I had gone there with my grandmother, maybe. They both told me I had never been there before.

Some weeks after I had gotten home, I posted a request on FindaGrave, to see if a volunteer could find the grave. I was overjoyed when someone answered my request. This gentleman was kind enough to go to Myrtle Hill and take a photo. He took a photo and posted it on FindaGrave, and told me of the location of the burial. I was so close when I was there. I can’t wait to go back and see for myself.

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