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He Fought For Independence



My fourth Great-Grandfather fought in the Revolutionary War. I found his headstone while wandering through southwest Pennsylvania with my mom on a genealogy quest. It was a successful hunt!


Aaron Boylan, who was married to Katherine Parkinson Shilton built the
Boylan House or Mansion in 1751. Aaron who pronounced the name “Bullion” had
a store in Basking Ridge before coming to Pluckimin. The first year he used
the ground floor for his store, but as soon as a new store was erected the
house was his residence only.

At first the house consisted of the front portion with a lean-to kitchen
in the rear. As the family became more affluent other sections were added to
make the fine structure which can be seen today.

Historical records show that George and Martha Washington attended a
dinner and dance held at the Boylan Mansion during the Revolutionary War.
There is also record of an order issued by General Lincoln to James Boylan,
Physician and Surgeon, directing Doctor Boylan to use the Boylan Mansion at
Pluckimin as a hospital to care for the wounded.

The land around the building is also historic. The rear boundary is
General Know Lane, built by his orders during the Revolutionary War for access to the Continental Army’s artillery encampment in the fields back of the property. The north lawn is reputed to be the site of the temporary ballroom for the Grand Alliance Ball, held in 1779 in Pluckemin to celebrate the first anniversary of the Alliance with France, which ended in victory at Yorktown.

The home has been completely restored and is now open to the public as
“The John Boylan House”. John son of Aaron was the second owner. The present owner, an antique dealer has his handsome shop attached to the rear of the house.


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