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It has been a while since I have posted….lack of inspiration I guess. But, I do still have several adventures I need to share. This summer and into fall, I went on several two to three day trips. And on all of them, I tried to find out some history, not my own family necessarily, just family history.

Eiffel Tower

I had the pleasure of traveling with my mother-in-law to her home of Cottage Grove Tennessee. Right next to Paris. Paris Tennessee that is. Home to Allegro Marinade, McCartney Produce, Clifty Farms ( ham ) and Paris Winery . We did manage to go to the winery, of course!

My mother-in-law has three sisters and we were able to spend time with all of them. We all five went to Jones Family cemetery to visit many relatives.

My husband once said to his grandmother when they visited the cemetery, " I'm scared ", she replied " there's no reason to be, they're all family"

My husband’s grandparents

Patrick once visited the cemetery with his grandmother. He said to her ” I’m scared ” she replied ” I don’t know why, they’re all family ” .

Smith sisters

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It was agreed when James Jones married his second wife, Mary Summers, that the cemetery would have both Jones and Summers families buried there. There is a distinct division in the cemetery. Jones Mill is an area nearby where there was a general store. James Jones and wife were the proprietors. Everyone knows everybody in this quaint small town.

Jones Mill store

drawing of the mill that made baskets

the owners

old heater

Just like it was

House next to store

tin ceiling

The same day of the cemetery visit, we went to an Amish store, yummy!!! Oh my gosh, they had everything!! I bought Jerky, candy and pickled beets!

Here are some additional pics of the Paris Winery, I did the tasting, although, it may look like Mary had her fill!!! Ruggeros Best was absolutely delicious!!





One of my recent trips to central Alabama, gave me some insight as to some ancestors burials.I had been in Lowndes county already, and on the way back from the beach, decided on a different route.This trip was full of discoveries and unexpected surprises.

I had known of the Sullivan line in Perry county, from the late 1700’s. This line comes from my father, his father, his mother, and so on. Alice Davidson married a Pickens, my g grandfather. Her family was both from Tennessee and Alabama. Her grandfather was Hewlett Sullivan. This family lived in Alabama and later in Texas. Hewlett’s father was William Dunklin Sullivan. Throughout the family, you see Dunklin, Duncan, Dunkin, Hewlett and Hewett in the boys names.

When I went to the cemetery in Perry county, Marion cemetery, I expected to only find Dunklin Augusta Sullivan, which would have been an uncle. Because, on FindaGrave, he was the only Sullivan listed. So, I expected little, and got lots!! I had been driving through the cemetery, and I spotted a headstone with the name Parrish. I knew that one of the sisters had married Elam Parrish. This was my sign!!! So, I thought, I may be here awhile.

I walked around and started seeing a few Sullivans, taking notes and lots of photos. First, I saw Martha, then Dunklin then the big one!! William Dunklin Sullivan, and wife Mary.

William Dunklin Sullivan, Marion cemetery, Perry county, Alabama

A bit of history on WIlliam Dunklin Sullivan…..born 1791 in Greenville district South Carolina. He later moved to Tennessee where he received a good education in law. Later to Marion county Alabama, where he became Perry county’s first state senator. He married Mary Polly Mayberry, daughter of George Washington Mayberry. William Dunklin Sullivan died in office in 1837 while attending a session of the Alabama legislature. He also served a Probate judge and representative.

William Dunklin Sullivan was my 4th great-grandfather. So, on this trip, I had the pleasure of finding TWO 4th great-grandfathers. Stay tuned, there is more to come……

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Sullivan in my family comes from my paternal grandfather’s side. My great grandmother Alice Davidson was the daughter of Mary Lumia Sullivan. Granddaughter of Dunklin Sullivan the senator. I see the names Dunklin and Lumia ( Lumley ) carried through the family quite a bit. The family came from South Carolina, to Alabama and then to Texas.


Hewlett Sullivan

My 5th great grandfather
Birth 28 Dec 1763 in , Charlotte, Virginia, USA
Death 11 Jul 1830 in Dunklin, Greenville, South Carolina, USA

Hewlett Sullivan

Hewlett Sullivan’s son was Dunklin Sullivan.

Birth 27 Feb 1791 in , Greenville, South Carolina, USA
Death 1 Dec 1837 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA
Dunklin SullivanSOURCE: pages, W. Stuart Harris “Heritage of Perry County”, 1991.p31- “Dunklin Sullivan, Perry County’s first state senator, was born in Greenville District, South Carolina, on February 27, 1791. As a child, he moved to Tennessee, where he received a good eduction for that period of time, and began the study of law.
“He moved to Cahawba in 1819, where he practiced law, but moved to Marion early in 1822, where he married Polly Maybry [sic]* on February 3 of that year.
“He served in several public offices – probate judge, senator, and representative.
“He died in Tuscaloosa, while attending a session of the Alabama Legislature, on December 1, 1837.
*fn91- Marriage Book A; Owen IV, p1637 states that Mary Mayberry [sic] was the bride, and that this marriage took place in Centreville, Bibb County. [end Harris quotes]


Built by George Washington Sullivan, son of Hewlett Sullivan and Mary Charlton. The plantation was built in 1847, Laurens county South Carolina. It was uncommon to have a brick home at that time in the location which he chose.

George and Jane were wealthy land owners by 1850 while living in Laurens South Carolina. In 1850 their net worth was $7000 and they owned close to 50 slaves.


Everyone went to Texas….

Or so it seems. Many of my ancestors made their way west, to north Texas. Some family began in Georgia, though probably not originally, others from Alabama, by way of Tennessee. In a round about way, they ended up there, and I ended up in Alabama, where my 2nd great grandfather Harvey H Pickens was born. I am much interested in going to north Texas, Fannin county and Cooke county. I found found many headstones and death certificates that traces my ancestors to that region. I posted once, “Go West Young Man.” . Many of the people who migrated did do for the land and the fact that Texas was a republic. Several ethnic groups found themselves in Texas. The first would be of Asiatic descent down to the Irish and Scottish. That’s where I come into the picture. My family is predominantly Irish and Scottish.                                                                 Harvey Pickens was born in Alabama in 1845. He married Sarah F Smith from Georgia. They married in Texas somewhere I think. Stick with me here…..their son James Harvey married Alice LIndell Davidson, daughter of Mary Lumnia Sullivan of Texas ( parents came in through Alabama, Perry county ) and Hiram Isaac Davidson of , yes, Alabama. So, as you can see, they all went through Alabama, and henceforth, here I am , in Alabama. My ancestors came from Alabama, to Arkansas to the Red River in north Texas. There they moved around, some to Oklahoma and a few married and moved to Arkansas. But, it always come back to Alabama.

I have little of those times in the way of photographs, but, I do have photos of the headstones of many, thanks to some willing volunteers.


Civil War Ancestors

Battle Flag

The 46th Infantry Regiment of Georgia, was formed during the spring of 1862 with men from Upson, Schley, Harris, Muscogee, Chattahoochee, Webster, Marion, and Talbot counties The unit served in Georgia, then South Carolina where it was involved in the conflicts at Secessionville, and Gaston and Frampton’s Plantation. In May, 1863, assigned to General Gist’s Brigade, it moved to Mississippi. After taking part in the siege of Jackson the regiment joined the Army of Tennessee and fought on many battlefields from Chickamauga to Atlanta, then saw action in Tennessee and North Carolina. In December, 1863, this unit totaled 628 men and 513 arms, but was greatly reduced when it surrendered on April 26, 1865. Its commanders were Colonels Peyton H. Colquitt and Samuel J. C. Dunlop,Lieutenant Colonel William A. Daniel, and Major A. M. Speer.

I don’t have a lot of information about my 3rd great grandfather. He served in the 46th Regiment, Co F, Webster County Invincibles.

McCall, Joseph — Private – March 4, 1862. Appointed 2nd Sergeant August 10, 1862. Sent to hospital February 23, 1864. No later record.

Below is a battle list of the 46th Georgia .

Vicksburg Campaign – May-July 1863
Jackson – May 14th 1863
Jackson Siege – July 1863
Chickamauga – Sept. 19-20,1863
Chattanooga Siege – Sept.-Nov. 1863
Atlanta Campaign – May-Sept. 1864
Dalton – May 5-11, 1864
Calhoun – May 1864
New Hope Church – May 25-June 4, 1864
Pine Hill – June 15, 1864
Kennesaw Mountain – June 27, 1864
Smyrna Campground – July 4, 1864
Chattahoochee River – July 5-17, 1864
Peach Tree Creek – July 20, 1864
Atlanta – July 22, 1864
Atlanta Siege – July-Sept. 1864
Jonesboro – August 31-Sept. 1, 1864
Franklin – Nov. 30, 1864
Nashville – Dec. 15-16, 1864
Carolinas Campaign – Feb.-April 1865

 Also, I have a story about a family member that states of his service in the battle of Kennesaw Mountain, where he was killed. Last muster roll states he was sent to hospital, Feb 23, 1864. It is difficult to locate Confederate graves, I can only find one in Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta. It is marked J. McCall confederate soldier.
Fold3 is a great place to find historical documents.

Where is My Next Adventure?

Looking for some help on where I should go next. Like I have said before, you go on one trip, you want another. I have a few fairly local choices…..

Lauderdale county, to look into the Davidson family. They came to Alabama from Tennessee, then migrated to , of course, Texas. Didn’t everyone. Davison married into Pickens in Texas.

Then , I have Lowndes County Alabama, to search fro Pickens. This would be to get whatever information I could on William H. Pickens and Julie Ann Brown, married in Lowndes Feb 28, 1841. I have William H ( I am guessing the H stands for Harvey, it’s all around our family) and family moving to Arkansas, in both Columbia and Bradley counties. Then , they moved to Texas. Surprise! William H son is Harvey H, whom I have found as living in Texas several years, then moving to Oklahoma. The 1850-1860 years seem to be misplaced. I can’t find any of them, but, Wiliam H dies 1860 in Arkaknsas.

And the next location, is back to Georgia, to Irwin and Dougherty counties. Still some gaps to be filled on Mamie. The first Mamie. Wife of John R McCall, mother of Mary Alva, Clifford Riley, Annie Clyde, Labert, Carl H, Yvonne, Joseph and Blanch. This family was a little confused on male and female names! The missing children, Labert, Carl H and Joseph, well, I am not sure where they ended living their last days. I heard Carl H was in Texas.

Texas, sounds like another trip to me!

From Whence I Came

I have ended up in Alabama. Until recently, maybe two years ago, I had no idea where my paternal grandfather’s family originated.  I have,  with much cooperation,  found they came from Alabama…no banjo though. We knew little about my grandfather’s family, his dad left at a time when there was little work. My grandfather grew up fast in order to assist his mother. He had two siblings younger than he, and he quit school to help raise them. He later attended Oklahoma A & M university, and got a degree in Animal Husbandry. Somehow, they ended up moving to Florida. Perhaps there was another family member there as well. That, we may never know. Most of his ancestors too were form the area of Alabama, but, had migrated there form Georgia and tennessee. Then, later, it looks like they all went to Texas. Didn’t everyone?

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