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The Road Most Travelled

Following the migration of our ancestors can be quite interesting. I use the tool on Ancestry ( search ) to see the paths they took. It shows on a map, the locations based on records such as the census. It will map the location of the census they were in, and you can see the others areas surrounding. Also , this will help in locating other family members. You will the names of other communities on the map. In the censuses that are available, you can search by state, county or township. People usually did not move far from the original site.

McClain county Oklahoma



How I got started

It was probably about thirteen years ago when I really started searching for ancestor information. I started looking for through the information I already knew on my family history. I was searching through family photos, documents and anything I had with names. I knew basic info, but, like most people who try this at first, I did not know where to begin. I had not even owned a computer very long. I knew very little about using one. So, I started by searching genealogy. Yep, just typing in genealogy into the search engine. It took off from there.

There are alot of great search engines out there nowadays, a number of sites that many lists.compared to what there was even ten years ago. Over the years, I have stumbled upon some very obscure information that no one in the family ever talked about. My info was limited to grandparents only and the occasional bit of info about a great grandparent, only because I had a photo and the curiosity to go with it.

I am hoping to connect with other researchers who have had success, and tell stories and give insightful information to those who are also in search of family, history and answers to the questions they seek about where they come from as well.

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