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I was online the other day, and discovered, that there are some newspapers in Georgia that are available and searchable. Yes, archived newspapers of where my family lived, during their last years in Georgia. I had always thought I could find something on Mamie, wife of John R. McCall, if only I kept searching. She is one of the reasons I do search.

In another post I had talked about finding the other Mamie,  I knew that was her first name. Although, many records in census, show Mannie and also Mollie. My grandmother is named Mamie, so, I knew it had to be! Family names carry on and on, etc….

I knew from census records in Georgia, that John R and family were in Georgia in 1910, in Albany area, Dougherty county. In 1915 or so, I saw that John had moved to Florida somewhere between 1910 and 1920. At the time of the 1920 census, he was living with daughter Lena Gunn and her spouse, Charles Addison Gunn. They lived in Tampa. It listed John R as a widow. I guessed his wife died in 1915, as only to have a point of reference on Ancestry. In hopes there would be a hint….you know, the little leaf that appears.

Now, the obituary I came across today, was a needle in a haystack. When I searched McCall, this is the first article that appeared, 100% match, on only the last name. I think I may have said ” I found her!!  ” No one was here to hear me! It validated her name as Mamie and the last name of Thomas. I had seen the name Thomas before on a death record of one of their children, but, was not convinced. I am now convinced. This is from the Thomaston paper , Times-Enterprise, June15, 1915.

Obit on Mamie Thomas McCall, Thomaston Georgia

I know it is illegble, but, in the regular viewer on the website, I can view it. In order to view them, you must have DjVu a really difficult to navigate system. I am now in the process to see if there is a death certificate. Although, Georgia did not require them until 1919, four years after her death.



This is only the Pickens side up. It shows the family I discussed on Treasure Chest Thursday.

Pickens tree from me



My grandmother Mamie McCall and my grandfather Harvey Pickens. Mamie was 6 in this picture, which would make it 1916. My Papa looks to be about 12 or more. He was born in 1901, so these pictures were taken close to the same time. They were married in 1931 and were together 53 years, until my grandfather passed away in 1984. They never made a big deal about their 50th anniversary, nor did we know at that time when it was. THey had two children, my father Hershel Harvey Pickens and Ann Marie Pickens, and six grandchildren.

I regret I do not have a wedding picture or marriage certificate. I am going to request a marriage certificate from the state of Florida.



This is one of my family names that come out of Georgia. My paternal great-grandmother, Maude Virginia Jeffers was born in Georgia, June 30, 1885. Her parents were Joseph W. Jeffers and Lilla R. Boone. Joseph W Jeffers was the son of John Eugene Jeffers. All can be found in census records in Irwin , Bibb and Wilcox counties Georgia.

John Eugene Jeffers was a confederate veteran, and is buried in Rose Hill cemetery in Bibb county Georgia.

John E Jeffers

There is a lot more interesting information on the Jeffers name I will continue to research. A marriage to French Aristocracy……

My great-grandmother Maude Virginia Jeffers

Maude Virginia Jeffers McCall


THE PATH OF MY ANCESTORS….I am Scottish mainly

I am Scottish, mainly……

I only know this by doing research of my family names.

Dunrobin Castle, Golspie Scotland

Pickens is from my paternal grandfather. The main one is Pickens, this is my maiden name. It is derived of Scottish ancestry.The meaning of the surname PICKENS is – descendant of little Pic of Picon (pike); one who made or used a pick or pickaxe. 

McCall is from my paternal grandmother.The meaning of the surname MCCALL is – the son of Cathal (battle; mighty); son of Cathmhaol (battle; chief). 

Ewing…is my mothers family name. The meaning of the surname EWING is – the son of Ewen (warrior); descendant of Ewen (well-born). 

Davidson is my paternal grandfathers mothers maiden name.The meaning of the surname DAVIDSON is – the descendant of David (commander; beloved; friend). 

Jones is my maternal grandmothers mothers maiden name. The meaning of the surname JONES is – the son of Jone, the Welsh pronunciation of John (gracious gift of Jehovah). 

I find it interesting the travels of my family. Many came to the Americas in late 1600’s and other lines in early 1800’s. My Pickens line was in  Pennsylvania and North Carolina, then the descendants migrated south to Alabama and Texas.

McCall  was in North Carolina as well in the 1800’s. My line was in Georgia, and Joseph was listed as born in Ireland, in 1829. It is possible he was of another line of McCalls who came earlier . Several are listed in North Carolina in the 1700’s. 



Such a common name.

English: occupational name for a worker in metal, from Middle English smith (Old English , probably a derivative of smitan ‘to strike, hammer’). Metal-working was one of the earliest occupations for which specialist skills were required, and its importance ensured that this term and its equivalents were perhaps the most widespread of all occupational surnames in Europe.

My ancestor that was Smith, was Sarah F Smith of Georgia. She married Harvey H Pickens. Her father was William Pinkney Smith and mother Mary Ann Berry. Sarah was born in Oglethorpe county Georgia in 1845. They travelled west through Arkansas. Somewhere along the way, she met my great great grandfather, married in Arkansas, ended up in Texas. They were shown in the 1870 census in Smith, Columbia county Arkansas. Children were Leonidas, Mary A and Josephine. Later in the 1880 census, they were in Lamar county Texas. At that time, there were living with them, children Agnes, James Harvey ( my g grandfather ) Julie E and Tommie. Josephine ( Josie ) is still with them, Leonidas has moved on and Mary A is no longer there with them in 1880. I have  death date of 1880, need to research that some more.

Sarah F Smith’s father, William Pinkney Smith died in 1888.


I have Mary Ann Berry Smith living with Sarah and Harvey H. in 1900 Cooke county Texas. I can not find a record of Mary Berry Smith’s death in Texas. She was 76 at the time of the 1900 census.



Here is my list of people I will search in the 1940 census. Below are actual images that would have been around 1940 of the people for whom I will be searching.

Albert Ross Ewing and Ethel Letisia Ewing, my grandmother and mom may be living with them in Pennsylvania,  Venango county.


Great grandmother Alice Pickens, curious to see if Aunt Ruth and Uncle Jimmy are living with her in Tampa, Florida

My dad and his parents and sister Ann in Tampa Florida.


My Aunt Edith would be about 15 then, with her mom Edith Duskin McCall and father Clifford R McCall in Plant City, Florida.

Finally, any remaining relatives in Irwin and Dougherty counties Georgia or maybe some in North Texas and south Oklahoma.

Good luck in your searches!!! Let me know who you find.

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